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Let Earth burn, explode, become past tense
tottering under the onslaught of violence
Let soulless bodies gently slide
into the cosmic chasm, deep and wide.

Gun-toting youth, ships fallen to pirates,
rain of death on a wedding stage
Game of blame, a talk-show, a threat
Yeah, anything to grab a piece of fame
Writhing lives, infernal mines
Sorry images, sordid love loops.
Milk every tear of an unlucky survivor
yoke the stories, get the big scoop
Hold fast to power, it’s a tiger’s tail
A tsunami, a Katrina to divert, to regale.
A breaking story, soon a deleted mail
Text, tweet till the battery fails.
Be the leader, be the first
to lose our humanity, to curb our heart
Illuminate our houses, darken the globe
they are giving it free, so let’s fight for more
On and on till we succeed
in mirroring the fate of the dinosaur.
Stop! think! Do we want any more?

Death shrouds bomb blasts, yet we will take the train.
If the roof is blown away, let’s party in the rain
Mend broken bridges, pull down the barbed fence
Better late than never, to make humble amends
Nothing to lose, if we can all earn our bread
and refrain from shedding a fellow being’s blood
Leave the killing to the beasts of prey
Follow our hearts, let nature lead the way.

Let soulful music gently glide
across love’s oceans, deep and wide
Live life with a pinch of common sense
lest our Earth burn, explode, become past tense.
( – Reena Prasad )