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Plight of Mother India

More than half a century has passed.
She silently witnesses chaos amidst life.

Humanity axed, love scarce
Exploitation in, corruption rules
Insanity paves ways for violence
Peace – a luxurious demand
Terrorism the new-found mantra
fake principles of the ruthless.
Youngsters with lost insight
playing with weapons and fire.
Bloodshed gifting an adrenaline rush!

She dies a million deaths daily
Her heart bleeds, pain echoes,
She searches for yet
another Patel, Azad, Bhagat
instilled with sensitivity
who shall fight for justice
with non-violence and unity
to protect her pride and honour.
Her compassionate heart,
earnestly desire for ‘A Womb’,
that makes her feel proud!
Let ‘Utopianism’ be our gift for her

© Maaya Dev

o’ my mother land

O ‘ my motherland!!
what do I do for you?
so that I prove my worth
on being born an Indian.
It is my good fortune
or good deeds of past lives
that I got birth from your womb
and I got to rest in your lap.
I grew breathing air of freedom
and took my shades of complexion
from your fertile rich lands.
My hair got its rich black hues
from the fertile coal mines
and the redness of lips
from the vibrant sun rising here.
The lilt blithesome spirit of mine
gets energy from true Indian spirit.
My rich voice that is adored by one and all
gets its texture from the tinkle of bangles
adorning the wrist of Indian beauties.
I see myself as my motherland personified
I owe my existence and progress to you.
My ancestors were lucky
they fought for your freedom
and got perished in the struggle .
I fight a bigger struggle today
a fight to maintain your dignity
to save you from the onslaught
from corruption and greed.
I know all alone i can not succeed
I look for fellow countrymen
to join hands in this noble deed.
i dream of a day when you will be
free from the shackles of crime and misdeeds
when each one of us,born in your arms
will embrace you as his or her own
and all will be proud countrymen
who will be ready to devote
their life for this tired mother
who gave birth to them with pain
and today fighting the inside intruders
it is fighting for its existence and sanity.