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Mutated nerves of iron,

sympathetically malleable,

Razoring  merciless like a

daggering dragon;

Exaggeratingly dilating the

docile black disciples, pupils,

yielding almost the

mission impossible!


Rambling rush of the

maddening manna,

Now not for fight or flight,

Baffling though, buffering happening,

Incising pain yet addictively edible;

Tetrads Iris so quadrilateral,

Coincidentally Intersecting

beyond all barricades!


Sorcar –Houdini Acts

now explicable,

Audacious magnetic  torus

Making the circumference,

Ground zeroed and given to

The untenable t triumphant tactics,

Blinded by the feather-winged globules

of rainbow coloured running around,

With an unapprehended aura

of infinite suns and staring starlets;

A perfect apocalyptic rehearsal,

Or is it the exact reversal?

Brazenly lifted off the heels,

Defy gravity acts never before..

Domino’s effect well in effect

just by the youthful defect

of the black docile pupils!


Semantics of romances,

Still hanging in the air ,

where my traces was there earlier,

Tragic hunt of your magic dents,

I am now here…oh

spoonerisms galore,

I am no where!

Even google’s swollen eye , tired after all tries,

Displayed about me,” No Results Found”.