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For the needy and poor
For the sake of posterity
For the bolted door
That holds behind it prosperity.

For a life of ease
For the mind to know peace
For a better tomorrow
That’s safe with no sorrow.

We labour and toil
Even though it seems it holds no joy
Daily work must go on
Till the night ends and we see the sun.

Money and Relation

Seated on a vintage bicycle
The Father and Son duo
Where having fun
They seemed to be gifted with
Everything under the sun
A bright streak of innocence
They threw into the existence
Chit chatting and giggling
Everybody around them struggling
Oblivious of the surround
With expensive cars all around
Fathers fighting with steering
Traffic lights not caring
Sons were busy gaming
Seemed more close to gadgets
Than to their fathers
But who bothers
Right they say
Money can buy everything
Even the closest of relations