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Winter Palace

Our lives are painted

like rainbows across the sky ,

our lives are noise

modulated by reason ;

We sit and stare

at endless vistas ,

we ready ourselves for work

tidying the chaos into

an order which stray winds

will cast once again

beyond our grasp

beyond our reach ;

We live like the last Czar

in our Winter Palace ,


waiting for the Revolution

that has already passed us by.

5 p.m.

The mordant day drifts along its course
into the deep deep of evening ,
its hours exhausted by a futility
arduously wrought with effort,endeavour,exasperation ;
leaving us to be put to sleep
the “us” who henceforth shall never awaken ,
the “us” who became as dormant
as hallway carpets waiting to be rolled up
ready to be tossed away for junk ;
onto the ephemeral detritus of the rest of
our lives ,our existence,our waking days ,
rendered redundant ,obsolete,ossified
secreted in a glass display cabinet
at the back of a Museum long closed ,
shuttered to all the World’s inquisitiveness ;
there to subsist in an absence of purpose
without respite nor recourse to those
meanings which the days once gave to them ,
once upon a time ,a long long time ago
before the advent of the indifference
that caused the mordant day to drift along
its course into the deep ,deep .

The Girl With The Needle in Her Arm

The Girl crouches
by the railings at the
Tube station entrance,
her knees together
mucus running down her chin,
watery eyes
sticky pale skin,
vomit stained hair
hanging down in two
big tangles over her forehead;
The Girl massages her calf and thigh,
her right leg feels bloodless and numb,
her mascara streaked face a mask
where tears were forced out as she spewed;
Above her rainbows strobe across
the tourist postcard skyline,
proclaiming the nomenclature
of aspirational desires,
Apple, Cartier, Chanel, Mercedes-Benz;
The space around the Tube Station
entrance railings is opaque,
no – one sees
no – one wants to see
the Girl’s life exchanged
for an emptiness of nights;
Nights illuminated by gleaming giant screens
all evangelising how,
the Financial Times stock market Index
has just ended the day,
higher .