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Blank pages
Beautiful empty leaves
Unmarked by inky splotches
Devoid of alphabet salmagundis
and strikethroughs

Smooth and pure
Unsullied by dark moods
Clean and chaste
Untouched by sins of haste
A pristine, intemerate sheet
revealing no evidence
of the writhing lust above it.

To be etched, marked, blackened
scarred and crumpled
wiped upon and spat.

Blood and salty drops dry up
on its face
leaving it looking
like an admission of guilt
Immature squiggles border the slanting letters
revealing a mad mind
that wallows in adamantine riddles.

A soiled sheet
A chaparral
containing reminders, leftovers
of an imperfect division of thoughts
quotients thrust into neat boxes
Edges trimmed out of habit
And ends thrown onto a paper
Lying around

Some births are never beautiful.

( – Reena Prasad )