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Wise or Weird

He was acting weird
Running and jumping
In the middle of a road
Rolling down the road
Playing with pebbles
Singing and laughing
Crying and weeping
All simultaneously
I found myself engrossed
In his act of innocence
For all obvious reasons
He was mentally sick
Was he?
No, because what
He did next
Proved he was
More than wise
He came to me
And handed me a note
It read
Do you need someone
In your life?
I am saying this
Because you seemed so cool
It seemed you were
In no hurry
To go home
When everybody else was
If that’s true
You can call me
Because as you could see
I too am in no hurry
To go home
I smiled
And was about
To tear the note
When something stopped me
And I placed it in my wallet