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On Hearing The News


On Hearing The News

The Day ends
as days often do,
quick and clean and gone;
A momentary cloud obscures the Sun
yet the Sun shines on eternal,
memories traipse like clouds
across our consciousness,
we all reminisce,we all mourn;
an aged veteran
listening to the radio
The young man
in pressed naval uniform
smiling and laughing in the sun,
there was yet a war to be won
and a world made safe and sane again;
those days end
as days often do..

Memo to a Dead Politician

Was it something that you said

was it something that you did?

were you always out in the open

or did you keep somethings hid?

Perhaps you spoke the truth,

trouble is no-one ever saw the proof;

A few things come to mind,

some thought you made a difference

fed the poor gave sight to the blind;

trouble is we’ve been around too long

read all of those stories

listened to that same old song,

about what you’d do for us tomorrow

and when tomorrow never came

some thought they’d remember you

but I’ve already forgot your name.

Face in the Picture

There’s a face in the Picture ,

there’s a face in the picture that’s just faded out ;

there was a face in the picture that you could clearly see

there was a face in the picture that was standing next to you and me ;

the face in the picture was smiling ,laughing ,grinning ,

the face was doing what most faces do ;

the face in the picture had a name , had a life , had a home , had a child

but the face in the picture doesn’t ” have ” any of these anymore ;

it’s another face in a newspaper

a face that’s a story ,

a face we won’t see anymore ;

” 4 buckets of vodka and red bull ,

20 bottles of lager ,

shots of Sambuca and Jack Daniels

during a 36 hour binge “.

The report concluded :-

452 microgrammes of alcohol per 100 millilitres of urine

death from alcohol toxicity are expected at 350 microgrammes.

But the face in the Picture didn’t know that.

leper messiah

He’s gone away

& won’t be back ,

all his future words

will remain unwritten ,

all future songs

unsung ,

all future art

unpainted & undrawn ;

All the Young Dudes too

are faded & gone ,

& the Spiders from Mars

are out of tune :

however the day ends

its epitaph remains :-

” Ziggy played guitar “.



Les larmes de l’automne

What do you say

when there is nothing left to be said ?

who do you turn to

when everyone else is gone ?

where do you run

when there is nowhere left to run to ?

how do you commemorate this loss

when there have been so many before ?

how shall we shed tears

when there are no more tears left to be shed ?

Jeux Sans Frontieres

The dark blue uniform speaks to us
in a language we don’t understand ,
the carriage we’re in stinks
even with the windows open ;
pervasive cloying tobacco ,
sweat ,dried vomit ,urine unwashed bodies
pressed almost obscenely together ;
Days have passed us by un-numbered
miles trekked without signposts ,
like snakeskins old habits of
hope , purpose ,civility ,empathy
have been discarded amid
the ashes and rubble ;
The dark blue uniform speaks to us again ,
this time in tortuous worldservice BBC english
we are being transported to a reception camp
to be registered and await further instruction ;
the carriage we’re in still stinks
and some more children need to use the toilet..


We’ve been here before .
at the abyss’ edge daring
ourselves to stare right in ;
cajoling one another
with all the fervour
of middle ranking bank executives
leaving work late to-night;
With wifey and kids at home ,
and the endless toil of years
wearying your souls over
mortgages ,cars ,holidays
and that swedish furniture ;
We’ve been here before ,
gesticulating with wagging finger
at the madman ,the lunatic ,the psychopath ,
the sociopath ,the misanthrope ,the zealot ,
the bigot ,the fanatic ,the extremist ,
the revolutionary ,the reactionary ;
those who know what the game is really all about ,
zero sum.
No way out.
We’ve been here before.

Celebrities Caught on Camera

We know who Charles Saatchi is now
though we already knew her name ,
with your hand around her throat
it’s you who entered the Hall of Fame ;

Sat at the Mayfair restaurant table
lenses recognised her face ,
they saw her frightened look
as you sat there in your place ;

With your hand around her throat
your eyes had that kind of stare ,
you wanted it kept private
but got caught out in a camera’s glare ;

Your hand pictured round her throat
in the middle of your act ,
despite all your denials
those images remain the fact .