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Child of Delight

If I could fill your life with the serenity and magic of fairy tales,
I sure would.
If I could transport you to a true magic kingdom
Of angels and nymphs,
I sure would.
I wish I could carpet your path with roses and
The mirth of sweet spring.
I wish I could give you all this and much more.
But as I whisper your sweet name today,
Just know that life will not always
Sparkle like a diamond.
From your paradise of innocence,
Life will, by and by, suck you to a domain
Of wonder and sin,
Which won’t be magical anymore.
Till then, my child of delight,
I sing of the spring with you in my arms,
Whilst the rough winds shake and ruffle
The brushstrokes of the fairy land
We have painted together.

Footnote: Written for my daughter Mithi who is six now, growing up fast and whose belief in Santa Claus, fairy tales and angels are diminishing everyday.

Spirit of Dragon

I live with a Dragon
He peeps through the wood
To covet flame of candle
Perhaps steal if he could

He is hiding his body
Below out of sight
In amongst my CDs
On a shelf red and bright

He keeps his fire burning
For as long as he needs
His tail flicks on the front
Of the door with the keys

Welcome dear dragon
To share my dance floor
Igniting my spark with
Freedom to soar.

Higher we go
Until I can see
The world is a dream
And the dreamer is ME!

A Fairy Princess

Felicity is a fairy
Who happens to be
Not just a fairy
But a princess you see

She often goes walking
In the garden alone
Except for the presence
Of an Deva or Gnome

This stroll is quite special
The stars are so bright
She wears her red dress
Which sparkles at night.

Night feels like rapture
Her wings are stretched out
Her arms up to capture
Flowers scent round about

She’ll be crowned queen fairy
In a year and a day
When all other fairies
Will abide what she´ll say

She grants all your wishes
The big and the small
A princess and fairy
With Magic for all!