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The Lord of Love

Jasmines bloomed and smiled at the ebony sky
New moon blinked and grinned,
Its elfin face sparkled, draping gentle glow
On the passionate night that unfurled,
For Ghanashyam, the Lord of Beauty!

Luscious nectar brimmed longingly
Aromatic breeze swayed, enamored
And then the sweet strain diffused,
Enchanting myriads of nymphs in the woods
There he is, Muralidhara, the Lord of Music!

Gopis hurried, to embrace him
Their wide thirsty eyes longed to be loved
Rasa Leela reverberated through sylvan night
Leaving the maidens in lustful trance
With Sudarsana, the Lord of Love!

As the day dawned, their agony grew
Yearning for joy of his touch that ended their suffering
Melody of desire, Maha Rasa that fulfilled their lives
He is nowhere, yet everywhere
The Lotus-eyed, the Charming Eternal Lover!

Conversations That Never Happened

Why is it that I cannot meet you, invisible mystery
Oh mademoiselle, lost in your ancient book
What is there that you ignore this handsome genie
See my skin, so soft like a makeup brush
White as milk foam I am, light and mischievous
I wait here for long, for one gentle kiss.

You keep turning pages of never-ending history.
Galloping with the brave knights of an unknown era
Until your clock says, food time, wake-up
I am hungry, I agree; I need you to fill my pot belly
Why not give me your attention, that one loving glance
I wish I were born as a cat in your novel.

Ahh, time goes on, and I have fallen in love
With those slender fingers turning pages
I wish I were a book on your lap
It’s cute; your face changes to the novel’s weather
Why not see me once, I promise
I will keep you always smiling, I promise again.

As the lovers of the world, I do give you my word
It’s uncertain, I know, but let me try it
You will never touch the book again if you hear me
Meow- a longing purr tears the woods.
I may go now, and you may never see me again.
All will be lost in seconds if only you don’t hear me.

She turns the page again, and the cat falls off the tree
And the story goes on. New characters enter
Old characters are forgotten, but the meow still lingers
In hearts that read and imagined the longing cat
Akin to our very own life, where God writes
And we witness it silently with not much ado.

Shalini Samuel

Radha Krishna

Years later when Krishna met Radha
Her eyes sparkled, not with amour, or anger
Her lips quivered, not to kiss, or chide
Her arms stretched, not to cuddle, or pat
Her heart throbbed not for his music, or warmth
She knew, he was not the herder of Vrindavan.

Years later when Krishna met Radha
They gazed at each other’s eyes
And a trillion thoughts traced those yesteryears
Which they contained with a smile
They were entwined in their world
Enshrined on the banks on Yamuna

Years later when Krishna met Radha
They knew they were selflessly in love
Admired couples in a retold tale
There had never been any parting
No union, no longing, no agony,
They were in eternal bliss, being One

Finally Krishna spoke,
I am Dark, and She is Light
I am Energy, and She is Vibration
I am Prana, and She is Prakruti
I am Brahman, and She is Atman
I am the Seed; and She Contains.

After a Decade

Today we start afresh
Leaving all that’s old 
Those transitory joys and stretched worries…
Withered buds and faded sketches
Yesterdays were colorless dreams
Those colored were severed abruptly
Never to resume over again

Even when our adverse tiffs 
Hung like murky rain clouds 
With looming roar and rumble 
Quiescence spread sluggishly, and 
Far away, I hearkened accord that
Swept my mucky sorrows away

Even when our swearing lips
Chose to flout our promises to each other
And the guiding stars bereft us
On barren dunes with sand castles
I saw a beam of beacon
Yonder in the land of spring and mirth 

As the sunrise’s embers
Blush our hearts
May the glow of your eyes 
Erase our life’s darkness
As the early morning dew
Kisses our souls
May the beam on your lips
Add serenity to our life 

Yesterday’s cinder is almost cold
The flame of Tomorrow 
Deceits with its fickle smile
Today is what’s worth
To drink our passion’s nectar
To fulfill our Love’s purpose. 

Elderly Men Two

Elderly men two,

One spectacled, other not,

Covered with woolen clothes and all,

Watches bandaged to dry wrists,

Merrily sit and sip evening tea.

 Bench is bare and but they don’t care. 

A call they have

From Kolkata

An old mate is in hospital

Languishing lone for life’s breath.

Once they shared joys and woes

Once they visited friends and foes

There was mirth in the air

There was gay in their gaits.

How can they forget communal days?

How can they heal mutual wounds?

So they glue to the screen

Two tickets they need,

Tea after tea, route after route…

Yes, lucky they are

 Two tickets they get

By the window side.

Home they return,

Eyes gleam, hearts splutter,

And they wait for cocks to caw

And they hear the birds

They run to the sleepy station

And catch the mail

And they shriek and shout,

Finally settled,  a call they make

On wheel to their fading friend,

‘Zooloo! we’re almost close to your bed!’


I am raving mad

At nights, when you swoop down

On my sleep from the dismal chill

Of delusions

When I walk down the souvenirs

Of abandonment

An unnerving iciness

Creeping through my spine.


I hear the frothy laughter

Of the Id

The disquiet tuning it’s trumpet

From across the forbidden lands

And forbidden love

Blowing softly in the wind

The tunes of hers owned

And my desire

To die for.


I know I am raving mad

When I embrace this soulless night

For the wishful firefly

And yet I do

With the spectres

Of a begone tale

And undying hope

That’ll never leave my side.

I’m In Love With My Incomplete Life

Life is so incomplete

And I’m in love with it.

There is always that little something

A missing jigsaw piece

A poem incomplete

A novel half read

Yet I do not regret

I’m in love

I’m in love with my incomplete life.

There is always that folksy someone

An uncertain ‘see-you-later’

A dialogue flawed halfway

A wit not caught

Yet I do not regret

I’m in love

I’m in love with my incomplete life.

There is always that special place

A Bohemian dream never seen

An idyllic blue calling again

A native green rushing by

Yet I do not regret

I’m in love

I’m in love with my incomplete life.

There is always that delicate heartstring

A flaming bond, fiery red,

An unrequited love, spoken unspoken

A brimming silence, lost words

Yet I do not regret

I’m in love

I’m in love with my incomplete life

There is always a little more,

A hope, a smile, a touch, a dial,

A little more to reach out for

A little more to live out for

A little incompleteness, a little more

And I’m so much in love

In love with my incomplete life

That´s who you’ll be

When I cry a tear, you

Will be my laughter

That´s who you´ll be


When I´m not too well

You´ll be my doctor

That´s who you´ll be


When I´m all tied up

You´ll be my undoing

That´s who you´ll be


When I´m coming on strong

You´ll be my satisfaction

That´s who you´ll be


When I am hot and worn

You´ll be my cool reprieve

That´s who you´ll be


And whatever you are is where

I will meet you because

You will always be

The other half of me


Written as a song on 18thApril 2016

Heart Strings

Heart Strings


What is this force that strings my heart

coaxes, plucks and splits apart

melts my body´s wall of ice

the spell is conjured

I am enticed


Loves slow hand seducing me

to the point of no return

to the depths of heaven

where deep desire,

inside me burns


An urge to surrender to the silent ache

a cry to come, claim and take

things slow, no, lets not rush

taste the tease

like a teenage crush


Is there a treasure there for me?

a price to pay, a gift for free?

who´s to know, who can tell

let´s deep dive into

this wishing well.


Is this a duet or a dance of fools?

pivot, pull and ponder days

full of wonder, our love imbues

Mixing the murky pool

waters of me and you.


No strings, no strings, except the ones he plays.


Written on 27th July 2018