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Quit like a Coward

Throw in the towel, give up and quit
Voices scream in my head as I stare in guilt
Take the easy way out
And save yourself a life of misery and doubts
Throw in the towel, they say,
And stop fighting to stay
You’re better off, everyone really is,
You’ll be free, like a feather on the open sea…

Lay gently down, and play a game,
Lay, close your eyes and pray
Then hold it firm, up to your temple
See, it is just that simple,
Just one, one in the chamber…
And right, you’ll have to pull the trigger
And as the slug is hit by the hammer,
In that moment, there, you’ve fired.
Free as an eagle you’ll soar higher
And out in to empty space, fire or just water..

But you’ll never know, a different voice spluttered,
You’ll never know which is better,
If your life really matters
And whether you’ll not just suffer,
But live to make some lady a mother,
And to some kids, be an amazing father…
‘Cause the selfish you doesn’t bother
As some fight to live a day longer,
As they fight some battle with cancer
Or make up for one wrong or the other,
To laugh once more as the family gathers
For some holiday; Christmas or Easter…

You’ll never know life and become stronger
Today than yesterday or you ever were,
Instead you’ll quit like a coward
And like a drunkard, out you’ll stagger,
And prove them wrong that thought you were smarter
And cuter than all your brothers..

Or just stay a day longer,
Taking things a littler slower,
And live a day after the other
And become, not a hero or someone super,
Just another human who has become wiser.

Joel Ogunjimi 2015©

Live Now

Isn’t birth precious?

As a child,
You followed your heart
Without much thought
And let your life live:
Without confusion and fear,
With curiousness and alertness,
Not knowing that you don’t know much.

There was joy
And enormous spirit
In you.

As an adult,
You are following your mind
To win someone’s thought
And let your life live:
With confusion and fear,
Without enthusiasm and feeling,
Not knowing that you are unique.

Working on things,
Knowing, you don’t know much.
Heart has become heavy,
Leaving you in melancholy.
Is this the he[art] of living?

There is no joy In your eyes
And the radiance is lost,
What you had in your birth,
The gift of God.

Take a moment,
Look into your heart,
Stop listening to your thought,
Heart waiting for your YES To let you know,
You know something unique.

To take your Passion and ambition,
To the world.

To fade your grudges free
And lets you be a dynamic You.

There will be happiness
In your journey,
Failures will not stop you,
Success will not leave you alone.
Your eyes will be full
Of radiance and ever be curious.

Be Dynamic
and Live Now!