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“Various” Adjectives


Crying celebrity babe and seductive ramp model mom,

Prying paparazzi journalists, almost their life-taking;

Ragging seniors, rampantly aggressive,

Pleading juniors, in a kingdom of oppressive,

Spoilt brat students, ever mischievous,

Detaining teachers, eagle-eyed and merciless;

Flirtaceous College minds, never into academics;

Boring instructors, ever detailing without audience;

Bragging neighbours, with their new found luxuries,

Still austere temple priest, sincerely chanting all hymns;

Nagging spouse, like irremovable grease,

Distant in-laws, arriving anytime for free advise;

Traitor sister, for lipsticks and accessories,

Boasting brother, of his countless girlfriends;

Complaining father, never giving solutions,

I am stuck with Mother, for she is dearer!

Only way to explain her, is Loving Ever!