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Where I Am

Not necessarily though endowed with a great vocabulary,
Not necessarily though born in English Country,
Not necessarily though decorated with laurels in literature,
Not necessarily though entrenched in all formal language enhancer,
Necessarily though having a serious never-ending affair and not war-fare,
With Life and its moments of Fanfare;
With Love and its mystique eternity,
With Tears and its untold adversity;
With the cuckoo’s haunting tune,
And the Sunset’s crimson tone;
With the small sips of daily divinity,
That my lips find in tea’s  unfailing  integrity;
With the sleep’s sweet deja vu dreams,
And its fantasy inner realms;
With the child’s inherent innocence,
Yet unknown to fear and vengeance;
With those mature mind’s diligence,
And their willingness to guide with confidence;
With my undying passion for creativity,
And the daring attitude towards life’s negativity;
With Words Where I am Lost,
With Words Where I am Found.