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Radha Krishna

Years later when Krishna met Radha
Her eyes sparkled, not with amour, or anger
Her lips quivered, not to kiss, or chide
Her arms stretched, not to cuddle, or pat
Her heart throbbed not for his music, or warmth
She knew, he was not the herder of Vrindavan.

Years later when Krishna met Radha
They gazed at each other’s eyes
And a trillion thoughts traced those yesteryears
Which they contained with a smile
They were entwined in their world
Enshrined on the banks on Yamuna

Years later when Krishna met Radha
They knew they were selflessly in love
Admired couples in a retold tale
There had never been any parting
No union, no longing, no agony,
They were in eternal bliss, being One

Finally Krishna spoke,
I am Dark, and She is Light
I am Energy, and She is Vibration
I am Prana, and She is Prakruti
I am Brahman, and She is Atman
I am the Seed; and She Contains.