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Life is a Process

Life is a process
Where everyday
People feel that
They are into a race

Life is when
You learn everyday
When you fight
And you win each day

Life is not
To stay in misery
It gives you lesson
To understand each day

Life is blessed
So why to take stress
Smile and be happy
Enjoy life even in distress

Life is always
Work in progress
To prosper daily
Shine everyday

© Sha Azam Siddiqui – All rights reserved

Frederick and Geraldine (Part 9)

”It’s a fuel crisis, because of the lack of supply, ”
Said Athan, ”many mines exploit lead, copper, and iron.”
”They are smelted with charcoal, which only some people may buy, ”
Said Karsten, ” some people have the powers of the lions.”
” There’re heavy demands for the forests to build castles,
Cathedrals, houses, ships, mills, and machinery, ” said Cruz.
”The fuel for glass and brewing industries is on hassles, ”
Said Pedro, ” this drill of the coal deposits has an excuse.
I’ve heard the steam engine has a low efficiency.”
Tia said, ”overland, the costs of the transport are very high.
The English iron industries still lose their proficiency.”
Megan said, ” this revolution adds up to one big lie.”

”I’ve heard that, in Selanik, the Jews control the commerce, ”
Said Marco.”Greeks, Turks, Armenians, or Jews, ” said Athan,
”They can equally thrive the economy of Selanik,
Whether they read the Bible, the Torah or the Quran.”
Tia wore a fine golden silk brocade jacket having
A metallic gold floral lattice design and shape,
A petticoat of ribbed silk embroidered with silk yarn forming
Loops; its front fastened with clasps, tightened in back with cotton tape.
Karsten’s navy blue, collar, cuffs, and skirts were embroidered
With cream silk ‘point Beauvais’ garlands of pearls and flowers.
Athan’s vest of silk moiré and coat were pumpkin colored.
‘Twas embroidered with silver thread and silver sequins.

Tia and Athan were in need of loans for short terms
While intending to bridge the time gap between the pay
Of the taxes and the take of the sums from the owners of some firms.
They traveled to find those wealthy Muslims that loaned money.

”People can’t pay heavy taxes and accrue deficits.”
”They must pay these sums even their finances are low.”
”All these payments are done for the Empire’s benefits.”
”In this condition, Selanik is a place left to go.”

‘’To prevent people from leaving, the Empire minimized
Their losses while enacting a kaskamot that obligated them
To pay and to leave behind them a guarantor.” ”It’s civilized! ”
”If the women and the orphans can’t pay, the Muslims don’t condemn

Them, ” ”There’re allowances for the persons donating or loaning sums
And for the philanthropic acts like the payment for the abject poor.”
”They take from any owner or any visitor that comes,
From birth, from death and from the sacrifice passing their temple door.”

”Gabella is a tax levied on the purchase of a basic test
Kosher for foodstuffs like wine, meat, and cheese.”
”The rich men pay instead of the poor people to prevent their arrest.”
”There’re some taxes for those goods that are brought over the seas.”

”Here, the new public buildings are built using an eclectic style
To project the European face of this Empire.
”Our monasteries are the centers of learning for a while.”
”The head of the Orthodox Christians is like a Vizier.”

(Tia, Athan, Megan, and Karsten disembarked at Selanik while Frederick and some sail men went to buy fuel.)

(To be continued…)

Poem by Marieta Maglas


From ashes to ashes, dust to dust

Carrying lantern in the darkest of night

Diffusing swirls of coriolis and vortex

On the way of pulchritudinous soul

The invincible soul speaks of thy glory

Of thousand splendid suns

Of infinite universes

Least knowing the concept of Darwinism or Lamarckism

Ready to write, re-write destiny

Profusely on the sky

As an euphoric playing some jazz’s

rejoicing every inhale-exhale of breath

Ruminating and reflecting the moment’s momentum

The spirit is high on swing

managing all turmoil’s ,tragedies and tantrums

believing in the power of secrets, beyond the secrets

The’ invictus’ warrior make’s a self promise

After ramification upon the majestic sea

Sea that is sycophantic

Bolstering of its own unfathomable depth

But who knows the unquenched thirst

Every drop screams off

Yet every drop lives in compassion

as though if gulping the ecstasy of divinity

And the immaculate soul smirks

To live and to live

, Again and again…

With every breath

                                                           © 2015 by Maaya Dev

The Corridor

If words do heal, if words are prayers

If words are love, if words have powers

Let me stop by the corridor with my pen.

The corridor that binds us beyond the boundaries

Irrespective of colour, caste, creed and nation

where compassion embalm the bruised seamlessly.

Who doesn’t know, pain has same taste and feel?

Yet we live it as much as our heart bears it.

When the fire in the heart is bright and burning

When inner whispers constantly remind us

Nothing can put a stop, as  life has to go on..

Any tragedy marks a new beginning for a better life.

It embraces fresh dreams to build a beautiful life.

The invincible spirit of indomitable will

ready to kiss tomorrow’s sun with enthusiasm

Like how a phoenix rising from ashes to touch sky

believing in the power of hope and life.

With frozen tears we dare to rewrite our destiny

We realise no tremors can quiver our spirit forever.

At the corridor with compassionate heart and prayers

With courage and desire we walk towards renaissance

To live over again with smile on face as if nothing had happened

and whatever happened is bygone or just a nightmare of last night.

© Maaya Dev

Life is Beautiful

You are blessed
For the people you have
You should not be amazed
For the beautiful relations you have

Life is a blessing
For many unfold greetings
Which falls in path
When you keep moving

Life is just amazing
You just stop gazing
It will take you to other corner
If you just keep flowing

Life is a gift
Keep sharing it
It will double your joy
So always keep enjoying it

Life is meant to feel happy
No matter what
For happiness
Always be ready

Life is full of surprises
Live with it always
And enjoy what it gives
Feel as if it is happy crisis

You are blessed
You can bless others
If you live life being happy
Blessing will be unlimited
And you live forever happily



Tough time shows tough reality of life
It’s the best time which shows real face of life
Those who so called as there for us wip off from life
This time actually makes us to meet friends for life

Tough time does not remain forever
One day it will wipe and will never return ever
But there are times which open our eyes
And let us see who are there for us in our life

Learn from this tough time
And become more stronger than ever
Let time be our best friend for life
As it gives us opportunity
to become more harder than ever

Some says reality is harsh
We will say reality is horrible
Because it unveils the real face of life
And makes us realize something very incredible

So let us decide to be rock solid
Let us become the one who will never crib
Let us time be our best time for life
As once this will evaporates
Again there will be crowd of morons in our life

So get yourself up
Struggle today for our own self
This time will not be there for long
So let us enjoy the time
Does not let our happiness to wait for long



Feelings demand no prose
Time demands no pause
Life demands no excuse.

Riddle of a vague maze
On the pathway of haze
An ironic style of gaze.

Unresolved yell of foe
Unshared tale of woe
Uneasy stroll of toe.

Memories may ruffle
Tragedies do muffle
Few hopes go shuffle.

Life can again bloom
When endeavour boom
And journey should zoom.

© Maaya Dev

You Are..

You are the fuel of life

many are deprived of

to drive life ahead to live

When hope sucks out

of life’s coarse surface.


You are the oxygen of life

When heaps of problems

suffocate to breathlessness.

You become the solution

before problems ruin fully.


You are the very spark

that flame the desire

And remain as burning fire

until one win and acknowledge

that nothing can defeat forever.


You are the sun, rise as dawn

when the night looks eternal

and the darkness scare deeply.

You are the sole divine light

that acts as a guiding star.


You are a unique pen

many thrive to have

to rewrite their destiny

when dreams get orphaned

and life challenge as mock.


Your are the fire of life

that everyone have inside

but it never gets lit easily

unless one is starved fully

and the hunger eats you wholly.


You are the gift of life

You are the vision of life

You are the wisdom of life

You are the substance of life

You are the very energy of life

The whole world know you as INSPIRATION!


© Maya Dev 2015 Feb







Never Stop Dreaming

Dreams are the most essential,
it let you keep moving,
in all path of your life,
never stop dreaming.

Dreams are not those,
which you see when you sleep,
its rightly said,
dreams are those,
which doesn’t let you sleep.

To make the dream come true,
what are the efforts we take,
are we still awake ?
or we lay comfortably in our bed ?

Let’s wake up now,
still we have time in our hand,
still we can make our own world,
let’s make our today,
which we can cherish tomorrow.

Let’s start dreaming once again today,
Let’s start living once again today,
Because today is the present which we have,
past is gone and future is not decided yet,
so never stop dreaming and start your journey today.

@ Azam Siddiqui

Just Move On

Never give up on,
what you want badly in life,
never let go for,
which you have waited for,
there may be times,
which may create a situation,
where you think to give up,
think for what you have waited for so long,
always and always remember that and never give up.

It’s our life,
It’s our journey,
nobody has promised,
it will be soft and smooth,

There may be times,
there may be circumstances,
where you may be alone,
you may be left behind,
but always remember,
there is always a day after night,
sunny days will definitely come,
and it will be more bright.

You may be alone in the start,
you may be tired in the mid,
but always remember,
its the finishing line which matters,
you should never stop,
unless you achieve what you want,
how much time,
it really doesn’t matter.

What matters really in life,
only one thing,
you should move on,
never ever give up on yourself,
just move on and on and on.