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World of Words!

Oh Words! I bow in front of thee!
As bible says, the beginning was the Word!
Word was with God and Word was God!

Oh Words! You are omnipresent, omniscient
Wisdom coated pearl beads on the golden thread
Glow as scriptures and the enlightenment
Blind the inkling of allusion laden vista.

Oh Words, you enrich Homo sapiens’s life
As silhouette you lure with essence of expression.
You scatter self with your brilliance as if
dispersed light particles through a prism.
In spite of your bestowed solicitous freedom
You enjoy the vagabond’s voracity for you.
In awareness and even in unawareness
We indulge in our intrinsic lingering.

Through sporadic breathtaking apparitions
You reflect on the layers of our life
As you are the words of words
soul and verse of the Uni-verse.
Your pristine beauty voices at times
Sweetly, strongly, bitterly, diplomatically,
as if symbolising all virtues and vices.
You are embraced by all unbiased
for all reasons and seasons.

The Kingdom, world of words opened
for thy blessed esteemed guests.
The crystal thrones shimmer in their honour.
The palace is fervour for the feast of words.
Wagon of vocabulary, the gizmos of literary soul
breathe life onto the nostrils of poets and writers.
Their passion flows through their vein as bloody ink
drunkard verses, wet and wild lashing as tides
as if the felicitation absorbed as poem and prose.
Thy glory immortalised as resonating gratitude.
I owe, I vow, I shall not let dry thy passionate ink
Until the dalliance with the world of my words are fulfilled.

World with words- A world of Illuminations!
World without words- An eerie of grave silence!
Oh Words! I bow in front of thee!

N.B: This poem was first published at The criterion: An International Journal in english, April 2015 Vol. 6, Issue-2