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The Art of Domesticity

The body is domesticated, crawling in and out of beds,
We hop, skip and jump around the creased linens.
Rummage, thief-like, for frozen food, for a hot bath,
For recycled fun, for white shirts and dark pants.
We are coiled, tight; around the bricks and walls,
Like serpents, measuring our teeth and our claws,
Sneaking into the snug encasement of master bedrooms,
Pinning our heads in bathroom mirrors and dresser boxes.
We plant seeds in the front yard, chant
Our constant jargon of comfort at the patio.
We sing melodies of good housekeeping while the sprinkler
Nourishes our summer lilies and tomato bulbs.
We wash dead, beheaded chickens and frozen fish fillets
In the kitchen sink, stuffing their stomachs with old recipes,
Soaking them with lemon juice, herbs and brine.
The knife, a divorce lawyer, listening to our thumbs and fingers,
Separating human and animal skins.
The clothes, we leave them to hang, to dry through the night.
At night, in sleep, we breathe through the seals of parched rooms,
We breathe, heavy and slow, our dreams dancing in the winds
Moving through woods and shingles that carry
Our homely sentences, common phrases, wasted words.
Inside the bolted doors, among heaps of a household’s mess,
We shrink, mutilate, yet crackling, ready for the end game.