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Human Destiny

What oh what, am I doing here?
Why oh why, am I here at all?
How oh how, do I feel real peace?
Free to fly, freefall with ease?
Is there a reason to want it all?

I wanna know, I wanna see!
I wanna be my Destiny!

Where oh where do I go from here?
Is there anything out there stopping me?
What do I really have to fear?
Is there something inside holding me?
From feeling my Divinity?

I wanna know, I wanna see!
I wanna feel my Destiny!

What oh what am I feeling now?
Tell me when, yes now and how
Can I live my life in full and fly?
High up high into the sky?
To experience Human dignity?

I wanna know, I wanna see!
I wanna live my Destiny!

Cos I wanna reach far galaxies
As far as the greatest stars I see
As far as my heart and my mind believes
No matter where I roam, I´m always Home!
Whole again, destined Unity

Now I know, yes now I see!
Human Destiny is Divinity!

Written as a song by Johanne Gallagher, 25th March 2012.