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Aroma wafts around
In (soul)search
Of smelling hearts;
Connecting the two edges
Poles apart.
It tells a moving tale
Of true love
Unsaid and untold
Portrayed well
On the canvas of life.

Essence of love–
Shiuli* breathes her last
To relive in soul:
It soothes grieving hearts
Wherever it lies,
Its beauty and aroma
Will never die.

*Night-flowering jasmine

A Dream For My Unborn Child

Many a times I’ve thought of you
O fabric of my dreams, my unborn child.
Let not constant abrasion make your texture tattered and torn
And fade the vibrant color of your lips.

Let not the scorching glare of reality
Wake your dreamy, azure eyes with a psychotic stare.
Look not now, at the dark night and deep blue sky
Where endless battles clash with crackling, forbidden sounds.
Where nocturnal creatures cry out with prolonged pain.

Every night, I look out at the legend and mystery of the dark sky
In the cool breeze and dampness of shadows,
When the droplets of the stars glisten my hair,
I think of you, clutching my chest in hunger and surrender.
I think of you, wafting with me into pleasing flights of fancy.
Around us, an embalming shade, a magic cloak
Cocoons you inside me in blissful warmth.

Soon the battles will be over
For us to share endless starry nights,
Walking all through the moonlit way
To the solitude of the galaxies,
Along with you, wrapped in smells of nectar
I will sail on harbors with dusky breeze,
Let you behold the silver streams, the boats and the surf,
When serenities and magic will unfold on our way.

Your tiny, angelic fingers clasping my own,
Hand in hand, we both will sure make our way.
Sail our way amidst wind and soft embrace,
And wake up to an earth
Where children play delightful symphonies
Where raindrops kiss all parched mothers and hapless kids
Humming a tune of love’s little quiescence.

( Footnote: This poem is immensely personal. It was written for my first child when I was 27 weeks pregnant, a tiny delight tucked inside my tummy. With this poem and with all my scattered thoughts about her, I had dreamed about sheltering her from this world of battered souls, daydreaming of some day, when after having her in my arms, I could fulfill both of our lives with the serenity and magic of love.)