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Another Early ’70’s Neil Young Song : Time Lost

Did you ever wake up

in the middle of the night ,

wandering where the life went

you should’ve led ?

And did you ever wonder

in the middle of the day ,

what happened to all

those books you never read ?

And at day’s end

in your lonely room ,

did the thought ever strike you

what became of that woman

that you never met ?

Author’s footnote : – See also ” Early ’70’s Neil Young Song : Lost Time ”

Expecting to fly

Here I am ,

stood on the edge of forever

expecting to fly ,

all my days have receded now

and it’s time to say ” goodbye ” ;

I recall how I fumbled

all that I was given

as I stumbled

onto the ground with a cry ,

and I wondered whether

I really did hear you sigh ?

There am I

standing on the edge of forever

expecting to fly ,

and I wonder whether

I’ll get to say to myself – ” goodbye ” ?

Early ’70’s Neil Young Song : Lost Time

Time turned into a blizzard

and blew away all that

we could remember ;

all those times that we’d forgotten

to say the ” I’m sorries ”

the ” I love yous “,

All just got piled up

on the bone dry

mountain high drifts of snow ;

White tumulii ,

where yesterdays and all our

never will be’s are buried ,

after they all got

blown away in the blizzard ,

that stole away

all our ” I’m sorries “,

though we never were.