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Catch the Sun

Catch the Sun before it falls,

wind your watch one last time

when the days are gone

and nights don’t return,

there’ll be no time left

for you to tell;

Moonfaced clocks the raconteurs

telling their tales of timeless time

and its travails,

making haste and letting slip

drops of time, drip by drip;

Seconds are sculptures

Hours are made of glass

the Minutes in between them

were not built to last;

The march of time always running out

in endless pursuit of what

it could never doubt,

Waiting for no man

flying away,

to catch the Sun before it falls;

wind your watch one last time..

1960’s Pop Song

Dream those dreams tomorrow
that you didn’t dream today ,
dream again those dreams
tomorrow’s heading your way.

Say those words tomorrow
you didn’t say today ,
say the words ,”I love you”
tomorrow to the one heading your way.

Open your eyes tomorrow
look at the world you can’t see today ,
see all the colours and beauty
before tomorrow fades away .

Sing a song of freedom tomorrow
the one that you can hear in your dreams ,
there will be Peace tomorrow
tomorrow’s closer than it seems.