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Finding my Guru

Hovering between Known and unknown
Judging what is right and wrong
Whether all is just a Maya
Or a science of facts

Juggling between dreams and real,
Virtual world’s lure or calmness surreal
To tighten which rope, to follow whom

I discover a world of my own
Somewhere in between
Where I am free to ride on a swing
One leap inside, in the arena of ecstasy
Where I float like a cloud
Become One with all that is

And this power of being nothing
Declutters, makes my luggage light
Thrusts me to take a leap with greater push
To reach to a greater height

In this swing, I find a light
In the valley of my own darkness
I become my own Guru
When I become nothing

The blind enlightened

The blind enlightened

Born with the cries and eyes closed,
Feeding on mother’s breast helpless,
An infant was born to the Brahma’s laws ill-defined,
Shattered by the forces of nature, merciless.

The blind-one knew not, there was no one to call his own,
Led by the laws of Karma to be thrashed, unfaltering,
Between the banks of pleasures and pains unknown,
Looking high unto heavens, a seeker was born, faltering.

The Guru, visible, who is filled with smiles and blessedness
Held the one who is blind, caressing with love and gentleness,
Said, my child, there is the Light and Love already within uncovered
Sheltered by selflessness and sacrifice for the Truth to be rediscovered.

The blind one, at once, felt released
The bonds of ignorance being shattered,
Being led into the heaven of the blessed
The blind one, at the end, enlightened.

— Sridhar