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Love Bug v. Google Glitch

PART- I-Reminiscence

Engulfed with sweet tangerine

tingling thoughts of you,

All trickling down in a trooping

tangential discipline within

The ganglionic ‘garbage’ globes

of the indomitable grey goblet,

Densely, pervasively percolating

as deliquescent dulcet dollops,

Pickled to perfection by generous

acidic gallons of acrid separation,

A sage now of an isolated island,

profound with manifold elucidation,

Crystallized dark with the purified and

the rarified of those rambled ravings!


PART II-Returning Reverie

Still the very synopsis of your retrieval

reverie that I relentlessly relish,

Makes it a rejoicing soul inquiry

of a classical cheery theory no fuzzy!

An evergreen fluorescent pigmentation

in a sudden transformation, all

Mushrooming   smileys springing back with

creamy cherubic life lilts from the

Sporulated dormant spell so spastic,

rapidly grasping all the humidified warmth

And moistened affection exuding

by your illusion-automated presence,

Barricades of non communication

boring holes with a strong Marxist plea

Of inseparable unison, all the indiscriminately

inundated erosion gleefully

Building and bridging again by this

forethought happening grippingly!


PART-III – Lyrical Letter

As a prelude to your rousingly awaited arrival,

Now temporally accentuated

In sculpting a variegated verbose verses

Of our intricately indulgent intimacy,

With all with the monstrous killing

Spree of Pattinson’s vampire instinct,

To chivalrously cherish our mellifluous meadows

Shared, all terrifically mind-tattooed,

And no-quixotic knightly rescuing the still sharable

Futuristic, no-fictitious, space from extinct;

Verbose warriors with targeted penetration

Impregnating them forever in your delicately

Seasoned thyme and rosemary heartland,

Propelling your arrival to this longing

Barren fallowed never never land,

Instantly mutating it to stupidly

Cupidity struck Newfoundland,

Abound with asaparagy and gingery

Absorbingly amorous passion land!


PART-IV- Glitches, a Love Reassurance

With heaps of hopes wrapped in all those

Tiny tactile verbal warriors in strong dose,

Imprinted with tonnes of hues and tunes,

Of unsaid yearnings and unheard melodies,

On the frail and lifeless yet cryptic cellulose,

Bearing all reunion remedies

for our desolation maladies,

Invincibly uploading all these

heart musical mélange

Into the electronic page, as soft as

your solange bosom,

The hope laden omen gets

a horrendous twist out of the blues,

Just buzzed the SEND button

to render you my soul stirring craft

Bubbling “Oo”s like scoops of scrap,

flashing wickedly my screen

Barbarously displaying,

”Oops, server error occurred and

Your email not sent “, l

ike a seismographic tremor was

My shaken self, mind of the

doomsday Nostradamus,

Instantly and nonchalantly

recuperating with a magical Messi flick

Only to staggeringly survive

with your rhapsodically revival hopes!

My mind as stern and firm of the Nazi dictator,

Pronouncing with an arrogant grin.,

All the glitches in the Google

Dare not a dampening debacle

Of our eternal clasps and clutches,

as we are a super duper soul couple,

Engraved even in gravest of the graves

As unison beyond all comprehension!