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#ImAnArtistBecause ,

what’s not to like about,



& social isolation?

Staring at….

waiting for something that

wasn’t going to happen;

the sound of allotted time,

of a line running out,

of seconds disappearing,

a hectic drumming….


I’m rather fond of hashtag games on twitter.There was one earlier on today which I adopted as the title of this poem.The tweet( max.140 characters) was parlayed into what you see before you…

My Masterpiece for Today

Firstly a dash of hyperbole,

then a smidgen of self-deprecating wit

followed by a dollop of philosophical insight

a portion of of regret,

a suggestion of humour

a few slivers of empathy,

a nod to current events

covered in layers of allegory

leavened with plentiful allusions

drizzled with heartfelt emotion,

then serve

either cold or hot

this masterpiece de jour,

bon appetit!

Utter Nonsense

If steel became fudge-cake
and glass marshmallow ,
what use would strawberry jam be ?
Were concrete baking powder
and the oceans of the world rice pudding ,
how sweet would the wine taste in
bottles made of insouciance ?
Were all emotions reduced to silence
would we all be shouting in our graves ?
Is the Earth a badly drawn boiled egg
and should mountains really be the other way up ?
What we thought was music
was something that didn’t make a sound ,
and before they send someone to arrest us
know that the Policeman who comes
lies fast asleep ,
hidden in Kafka’s wardrobe.

Mid-1980’s Scorpions’ Rock Ballad

We lost our way so long ago ,

and never found our way back ,

though we kept searching

and searching and searching

and we’re searching still ;

For that way back to those days ,

with their blue sky mornings

and golden sunsets ;

which we somehow have lost

on our way to a future

that betrayed us ,

left our dreams dying dying

dying to return once again ,

to those days we lost forever

with their blue sky mornings

and golden sunsets ,

which we can no longer see

with our blind eyes.

Axiomatic – 2

I often don’t bother to

look up the meaning of words ,

words that already know me

words that know exactly

how they’ll get used ;

They all know their places ,

where each and everyone of them

is expected to be without being asked ;

The kind of words I use

are reliable ,efficient and

add that certain something to

otherwise dull pedestrian corteges

of paragraphs and verses ;

I often don’t bother to

look up the meaning of words ,

they seldom give me cause to doubt

their abilities and I give

them no cause to doubt mine


I sometimes look up

the meaning of words ,

words that I already know

words that are well acquainted with me ,

my use of them has

a purpose a plan and outcome ;

I’d rather not waste them

nor I feel do they gain

much satisfaction knowing that

my making use of them

might be somehow construed

as frivolous or trivial ;

I sometimes look up

the meaning of words ,

not out of any doubt as

to recalling their precise meaning or use ,

but rather to reassure myself

of how well stocked my arsenal is .

Word Play #4

Babble babble , chatter chatter,

chunter chunter , mutter mutter ,

natter natter , guffaw guffaw ,

rant rant , mumble mumble ,

yawn yawn , whisper whisper ,

shout shout , en-un-ci-ate en-un-ci-ate ,

clamour clamour , yell yell ,

bellow bellow , project project ,

harangue harangue , question question ,

whinge whinge , whine whine ,

yammer yammer , stut-ter stutt-er ,

cackle cackle , laugh laugh ,

splutter splutter ,cough ,cough .