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Casablanca Blank

It is always Gare de Lyon

and the last train out

of a city facing ruin;

It will always be

“As time goes by..”

and by,

and bye-bye..

The trenchcoat and hat

drenched by the long rain

of waiting and waiting,

of being Rick Blaine

a man with too much valour

in his heart being caught out,

not by the Men in Grey

who only want his life,

but by you,Ilse,who should’ve

wanted his heart and that stood

alone and waiting in the long rain

on the crowded platform

heaving with hearts pounding

in the communal solitude

of a time and a chance

left twisting,slowly,slowly,

in mirrors and labyrinths

where memories lose themselves

and are lost and found,


always at Gare de Lyon,

on fateful afternoons

where time never goes by.

The Law of Gravity

They parachuted
without parachutes,
went hang-gliding
without frames;
they knew that they
that they could not
could not refute Newton’s theorems
on the effects of gravity
on a body descending;
sky-diving with too little altitude
toward an inattentive crowd,
busy scurrying,
too large too large,
to even comprehend
what those dots were
and what they were doing
coming ever closer to those
staring back at ,
now deserted office blocks,
where down darkened hallways
telephones are still ringing,

( Footnote:- ” The Law of Gravity” was inspired by and composed after watching the Stephen Daldry Oscar-nominated film,” Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close “)