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The Thorns

Another scribble in a gap of few minutes during the evening duty in the OP unit yesterday.
It all started from the word “Abscond”, which just happened to pass my mind. And the first three lines came along with it. But to be honest, I didn’t know what “abscond” meant in dictionary when I wrote the first stanza. I checked later of course. And decided to keep it. And write on.



The ridiculing howls
Of midnight winds
Abscond my dreams ~
They were once
Soothing melodies ~
And the silence is not
Quite lovely…


Why I would
Keep dreaming
Is sometimes
Beyond me;
I try to find
Lest I’ll never
Find myself…


I glide the pen
Across acres of fields
Of rose beds
And sunflowers;
And yet only
The thorns of roses
Bother to graze…

May 10th, 2014
© Sana Rose 2014