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Yearning for Love

Life is unfilled,
I have lost my pride.
Dejection is making me crazy.
Still, you’re not close by. . . .

The torment you are putting me through,
The hurt and the tears,
Don’t you see ?
How much you intend to me?
Do you even give it a second thought?

My smiles have fallen upon blind eyes,
And, my words upon deaf ears.
The sunset falls on one more day,
But, I have yet to see its wonder.

My spirit whispers tenderly for your love,
However, the night is my chilly sidekick.
Annoyance and dissatisfaction concentrate intensely,
While my heart is wrapped in misery.
Regulated I proceed with the voyage,
Yearning just for the glow of pure love.

My love for you I now bury.
The inclination I believed was solid
Has vanished and gone,
So it’s a great opportunity to say farewell.
Adieu Adieu…….