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A yearning for a smile

When I wake up
in the morning,
I see myself
in the mirror.
I try to stretch
my facial muscles
but neither me
nor my image
in the mirror
is able to smile.
I look up
at the rising,
smiling sun that
seems to look down
upon me mockingly.
I go out
into the lawn
where blooming flowers
smile at me and
I turn my face
to the other side
as I can’t join them.
There are smiles and smiles
the rest of the day
but my heart still burns
from within
as smile is everywhere
but not within me.
How to answer
the smiles of others?
the query remains
always with me.
Crying at night
I fall into the arms
of sound sleep,
dreaming of getting
a big smile on my face
and hoping
for a miracle
to happen,
so that next day
I too wake up
smiling like others.