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Dialogue with Seneca

We wager needlessly against fate ,

we weary ourselves making provision

for the approach of a storm that

we cannot weather nor have the scope to survive ;

We plead vainly , striving to make our voice

heard in the void and all its nothingness ;

What we must do then ,

is endure , is strive ,

for enduring and striving are necessary ;

without them there is no living ,

with them there is life ,

and life is hard

and then we die .

Scenes From A Domestic Incident

His arm moves

like a windshield wiper in a downpour ,

cutting and cutting and cutting

cutting all across a wooden doll face ;

sobbing and crying and crying

crying in the corner ,

two young children cowering from the rage ;

blinded by tears choking with emotions

he watches his own hand

redden to crimson ,

he sees a wooden doll figure

crash before his feet ;

a repetitive percussion beat

breaks down the door ,

he remains frozen in a snapshot

of swirling blue and red ;

slowly slowly he turns to wave ,

his expression rendered


by the bullets.


In from their meagre-rationed thin-souped

Sunday,they come and sit with unfulfilled hopes

rumbling involuntarily,as they attend their

dog-collared,dog-eared spiritual supplier;

His burdened ox-cart voice lumbering,slow,

methodically paced,hauling cargoes of words

over a rutted terrain of deep doubt

and shallow expectation;

His resonating syllables heaving the load

of insight and of revelation along straitened furrows,

up to the doors of empty-shelved,

stock-less stores bolted and barred

that forever await long ago ordered,

consignments of fresh answers.


    this piece was inspired by the character,the Rev.Eli Jenkins in Dylan Thomas’s “Under Milkwood”.The most excellent performance of which was the 1954 radio version starring Richard Burton.I’m still in the process,somewhat delayed of a thematically similar “play”based on the mythical town of “Wakefield”.