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Black hole and the soul theory


Pastel  ,vibrant, fluorescence

with all brilliance in a bingo ,

Partioned hues of flaring split colours

as in the pristine rainbow,

Heptachromacity  all fusing

in no meany  marshmellow mingle,

Wrinkling out the segmented provincial worries

into a fairy white single;

Ain’t  no god!  Let me just dwindle out

each vivid angel out of the white’s castle,

Oh Spicy Pringle! I am unabetadly caught

in a naughty noone  bland jungle,

Blinding beauty, mysterious binding bonds

sucking into a central whirlpool,

Experiencing the magical, like a

magnetic or gravitational quicksand,

Whatever it is, it’s the x-factor elusivity

behind life- sustaining witchcrafts,

Which  holds the long-probed eternality

of the severed universe and the solitary souls;

Bodily ceasing from momentary earthly existence  ,

and the dying visible horizon of the apparent universe,

Are like but hues of white soon realizing into the sublime truth,

all yelling and pulling us to take a final promising  black plunge ;

Oh Poets ! I now feel one among the intellect bald community,

Not one, but both of the physical and metaphysical fraternity!