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A Day in the Wilderness

I find myself walking in dark path of frustration
Bitter and Angry
Sad and Gloomy

It is a long walk into the light again
A path opens
A path into my fantasy
Sweet Fantasy
Romantic Fantasy
Frustrating fantasy

You wait for me
Standing by the open door
You reach for me
I walk towards you and take your hand

We walk into the house
God only knows what will happen
Behind the close door

I awake in the morning
I regret that moment
I walk away while your sleeping on your bed
I walk out of the house
I walk back into the despair path of life

The path that leads to you disappear
I walk alone
Frustrated with tears flowing down my cheeks

A new path opens leading into my sanctuary
I walk into my sanctuary
I close the door
I cry
My soul is downcast

I desire the things I can’t have
I lie on my bed
I close my eyes
I sleep

I had an awful day, yesterday
I had an awful night
Now, I’m walking into the bright path again
I can see everything clearly

Despair left
I can smile again