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A Brief History of Britain

Faded, forlorn

the banners of our memories

once held high now cast aside,

cast down,

trodden into the dust

by legions of those

who came after in ignorance;

Even the ghosts have departed

this empty husk

of a once was Power

this paralysed parody

of those Sceptered Isles,

that seat of Mars crumbled

overwhelmed by the deluge

that took from our hearts

those Heroes whose deeds

validated all that we stood for;

All that we ever believed in

is now counted as the small-change

amongst market traders

whom we let barter our very souls

for a mess of pottage ;

Whilst entombed in our sonorous sloth ,

they took from us all that had once been

vouchedsafe by Viking ,Saxon ,Norman

for so long so very long an Age;

In our belated awakening

we find ourselves naked,

caught in the glare of a history

which no longer recognises

nor has need of us

in this our unkempt beggarly state,

of which those who once fought for us

would be ashamed

that all their sacrifice

all their pain

had yielded such a paltry gain.

The Armada:1588

In Calais Port you await
a heralded dawn long foretold ,
yet somehow you shall fail
to meet that appointed hour at
St.Paul’s and the Coronation Of Eagles,
apples of Phillip’s eye ,
as they are plucked from their
firmament and left to gaze sightless
at heavens bereft of their autumnal stars
and their once ordained glory ;
as cannon ,halberd, musket ,
and a breastplated Duke of Palma
await in Calais Port ,
for parchments ,timber and
Sidonia’s pride to shrivel
and crack in Kraken-waked infernoes ,
that will scatter fated galleons
toward an abyss where
Sirens’ songs entice haughty broods
and their lineages to intersect
Scylla and Charybdis, as ,
still in Calais Port you await
for your deity to shroud your bones
and from rotten sunken timbers
resurrect that crucified dawn .