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Marston Moor :1644

Stand fast soldier,in the day’s
fading light amid this expanse
which you’ll reconsecrate
with musket and pike;
Stand fast with arks of the covenant,
ready to strike at pampered steeds
and their wanton princes mocking
you for a last time;
Stand fast,draw breath and recite
a plain psalm to set the world alight,
piled high with squandered treasuries
and their ruined fortresses of pride;
Stand fast soldier,expound your creed
for those who gaze upon a
desolate heritage and fail to recall
that the scattering ashes
were once a yoke.

In one of the decisive military encounters of the English Revolutionary War ,Thomas Fairfax’s Parliamentary forces inflicted a significant defeat on the Royalist forces under Prince Rupert on the outskirts of York.