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A Perfect End


Three friends
New year’s eve
And a dangerous game
Yes, you heard it right
They are about to swap
Their life partners
For a night
Simply, Just a night’
As they said
Seemed that easy
To the fools
Was it really that easy?

The truth of that night
Dawned upon them
But only after
Their lives turned a mess
The same mess
As they made of love
Is it a surprise
That love avoids them, NOW
The so-called
‘Just a night’
Was the night enough
To ruin their entire life
Someone tells me
One of the friends
Was murdered
One of them imprisoned

And the one who survived
Was smart enough
To fully understand the game
He went to the room
Where his wife was
Waiting for him
Every end has a beginning
How true!
How stupid we are
That sometimes we fail to understand

The beginning of an end


——–The End——–