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Humanity on its deathbed

Physically bared Stone Age man died,
but the mentally naked modern man is alive,
being stripped of compassion, love and righteousness.
Dirty hair of early man fused into the dust of time,
but the modern man’s dirty thoughts emerged.
Uncultured, illiterate tribes vanished,
and the educated ones felt proud on being unrefined.
evolution of man happened
but humanity still suffers in its cocoon
as if crucified each moment, with each of its breath.
Guns replaced the stones,
and the transformed evils still survive.
Man looking for man’s flesh
wars, murders, rapes, suicides, deaths of refugees,
burglary, exploitation, partiality and pollution….
greed trickling down from the tongues
of men like jackals..
they say they are not wild
and rape women, even men
wearing modern clothes, possessing gadgets
and think they have evolved and developed
they turn a deaf ear to the sighs of mother earth
whenever any Aylan dies, humanity weeps
a sea of tears beside him
and mother earth covers him with her dust
and sings a lullaby while caressing him in her lap.
Do we ourselves kill the angels,
pleasing the horrific devils of society?
Only we have to find the answer.