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Dreaming: The Resurrection


The Times Square in your words of lilting love,

A happy coronation, giving a home to your candle-lit promises,

A lustrous, magical night on the New Year’s Eve, with its winged flight.

The Caribbean cruise, our bodies undulating in the sensual calling

Of the ocean, the mirrored reflections of us, coiled, smothering.

Deep into the sea, in the turquoise blue waves,

Your hungering touch races, sobers down, and whispers:

“Would you love me, all your life, little mermaid?”


Resting on my new bridal breasts, deepest sighs of pain

Slide down to the waters, holding me for moments,

Strumming their unsaid words like fingertips dancing, playing,

I feel the ripples of their fingers, emaciated, drowning.

Fingers that had wrote a world for long forsaken love stories,

Drift ashore. I open my mouth and moan, in an island of sanctioned love.


And yet, the world around us, a carnival of trampled love,

Our longings, crackling with unfinished songs,

We forget the impending warranty of our mortality.

In the ephemeral twilight of the island,

The conch shell blows, awakens, unleashes and conjoins

Copulated souls. The symphony of a new, unknown raaga

Plays on, “na jayate na mriyate va kadaachin, naa yam bhutwa  bhavitya

Na hanyate hanyamaane shareere”……

The soul that is unperishable, immortal, old, eternal,

Undefined by birth or death, becomes a trembling, raging river of love.

The newly discovered terrain may or may not be

The bustling Times Square, the iconic Eifel Tower,

Or the mighty, cascading richness of the Niagara. But it sure is

The smoldering hearth of the bride who takes you in,

Throws herself with you in the boundless waters, melts with you

In the wild spring’s song, as you whisper to her:

“Would you love me all your life, little mermaid?”


The dream is but a commonplace one, collapses and resurfaces

In every wake of dawn, a corpse washed out of its last remnants of blood,

As it calls us, in a chilled world of grey, to take in its scattered ashes.

We breathe in and breathe out the promises that blossomed,

Weaved memories in pieces, wilted and died, to rise from their ashes,

Phoenix-like, spreading across the spring canvas.

“Ajo nityo saswatohayang puraane/Na hanyate hanyamaane shareere”.

The soul that is unperishable, immortal, old, eternal,

Undefined by birth or death, chases you in curved lines

Of the landscape of this life, dances barefoot,

To the silken music of death. In the horizon beyond,

Another life, surges, ripples in light, dreams,

In the shared tapestry where we have woven our love.


Lopa Banerjee. December 9, 2014


Footnotes: A sequel of my other love poem ‘The Drunken Lovers’ Song’, which I had posted here in October 2014.

Sleep the sleep

We sleep the sleep of forever

sleep the sleep of here and now ,

and dream the dreams of forever

dream the dreams of here and now ;

When we awake in the here and now

only to dream again the dreams

of forever ,

we slip back into the sleep of forever

to dream again the dreams

of the here and now

where we sleep the sleep


Dreaming on my bed

As I lie on my bed
Thinking of you
My hand touches the water of dreams

My bed drifts slowly on the river of dreams
Where does it take me?
It takes me, there
There where you stand

I look at the blue water as it slowly rushes
Taking me, near you
My heart beats slowly
My tears flow slowly

I am dreaming
My bed stops beside a huge rock
I sit on my bed
I see you
Waiting by the tree

At first you have not notice me
I wait until you look at me
You see me
You smile and rush towards me

You offer your hand
I grab on
As I stand
You help me up

I step on the rock
You envelope me in your arms
As my bed drifts back into my room
Drifts back into reality

If this is a dream
Why do I feel your warm embrace?
Why do I hear your heart beat?
Why do I hear the sound of your breathing?

Moving back a bit
You hold my small hands with you big hands
My hands are like a little girl’s hands
You’re hands are twice as big

You smile at me
No need for words
We walk hand and hand towards a path
A path where we can share our dreams together

I shake my head
We stop
You frown your face
Tears flows down on my face

I run away from you
Run towards the river
The bed returns
I step on my bed

I look at you
You smile at me
I smile back as I wipe my tears
You wave goodbye

I smile again as my bed drifts away
Drifts back into my room
Drifts back into reality

I sit on my bed
I grab the remote and change the channel
I know we will meet again
Next time it will be real

I Long For You

My heart
My Soul
Longs for you

I can hear your whisper in my ear
Though you are not here

I can feel your touch
Your Caress
Though I know you are not here
I must be crazy

I thought
You belong to me
It was all wishful thinking
Nothing is real

You have your life to live
I have no life
I only have my dreams of you
I am awake
My thoughts are fill with your images

We have a connection
It is so untrue
You don’t even know me
I don’t know you either, in person
Illusions and wishful thinking
Make believes

Live life, my love
I must live mine
Go on and I will also go on
Even without you

You’re a sweet dream
You’re also a frustrating dream
I’ll see you when I do see you
If not
Let’s go with life
without each other