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Nothing –
Nothing happened
When my bare feet
Slipped over the pebbles,
Eroded smooth
By unyielding currents.

There was no spark
Of recognition,
No remembrance,
No sense of loss,
No desire, no pain.

Only the remnants
Of a palpable numbness
That I would attribute
To no one,
Because, nothing –
Nothing at all happened…

– August 13th, 2015
© Sana Rose 2015

Denial is a deep psychological aspect. A defensive mechanism, a way of survival and the path to loss of identity. I didn’t realize the inspiration behind this small poem until after I published it on my fb page.
The credit goes to a novel that portrays the victim of physical domestic abuse at the hands of her husband. And ‘denial’ is her tool of survival. Every moment of being hurt is imagined to be not happening as it happens.


Parted way
Meeting again
Thirteen years!
Delete me in your memory
I would delete you

I want to forget
Help me forget
Lost in a dream
Awaken dream

God have mercy
Let Me Let go of Him
Let Him Let go of Me

Denial of Revelation
Truth will prevail
A promise is a promise
Only time can tell

Maybe not now
Maybe tomorrow
Maybe Next month
And maybe Next year

Holding dear to a promise of Heaven
Still in Denial of truth
I will still meet you there