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22/3 : Westminster Bridge ( Kyrie Eleison )

( I )

Quiet now ,

the day’s storm

has passed ,

and we

and we all ,

are out of harm’s way

for now ,

and that is all

we need for now ,

to be out of harm’s way

now that the day’s storm

has passed

and all is quiet.

( II )

Silent ,

the waters lie undisturbed ,

and they

and they all ,

are gone forever

though their memory abides ,

and that is all

there is to say ,

for now ,

that their memory abides

and they are gone ,

and the waters

lie undisturbed now

and silent.

The Prisoner

The difference between a prison cell

and an open meadow on a

bright Summer’s day is,

all the pain

all the exhaustion

all the waiting

all the longing

all the desire

all the determination

all the suffering

all the endurance,

without which you cannot be free.


Blank eyes,

a detonator

a trigger mechanism;

They stole our heritage

from us,

they made us forget

all we once were,

they made us bury

our dead,

we buried our dead

in autumn;

Autumn is a time of slow dying

there is no need to hurry,

the leaves will have time to shrivel

the branches of the trees will be denuded,

the leaden clouds will drift across the sky;

Blank eyes,

a detonator

a trigger mechanism;

Now there will be nothing more.

The Big Short

Did they offer you a thought

for all your pennies ?

did they want your gold

in exchange for a goose’s egg ?

did they swap your silver linings

for a sky full of clouds ?

Would you trade your last dollar

for their word of honour ?

Do you keep all of their promises

in a jar ready to use on a rainy day ?

and all of these things

they saw but they did not see ,

they heard but they did not hear ,

and they knew ,

they knew it all

but still they tried not to know.

Footnote: –

” The Big Short ” both novel and current motion picture release are about the events that triggered the Financial meltdown/Banking Crisis in 2008.

Je Suis Charlie

( Paris 7 January 2015 )

Where is liberty ,

where is equality ,

where is fraternity

on the Rue Serpollet ?

Whose liberty ,

whose equality ,

whose fraternity ,

on the Rue Serpollet ?

What Liberty ,

what Equality ,

what Fraternity

is there on the Rue Serpollet

after the AK-47s redacted

all the above questions ?