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Daddy Said —

Daddy said
I was his little girl,
Daddy said
I was his pretty doll,
Daddy said
I was his precious pearl,
Daddy said
I would never fall…

Daddy said
He’d pat me to sleep,
Daddy said
He’d take me to the park,
Daddy said
He’d never make me weep,
Daddy said
He won’t leave me in dark…

Daddy said
I’d get a toy every day,
Daddy said
I was as sweet as honey,
Daddy said
He would love me anyway,
Daddy said
But I should not tell Mommy…

Daddy said
It wouldn’t hurt his baby,
Daddy said
I should close my eyes,
Daddy said
He would sing a lullaby,
Daddy said
It would feel so nice…

But I cried
‘Cause it hurt so much –
I cried, I cried,
But he didn’t listen to me –
I cried, I kicked,
When he tried to touch –
I got tired
And cried, “Please Daddy!”

Daddy said
It was all past,
Daddy said
I should forget it,
Daddy said
The pain wouldn’t last,
Daddy said
It’d go bit by bit…

But daddy’s baby
Is gone to the angels –
There she is happy
With roses and bluebells,
With other daddies’ babies,
With her own gown and tiara,
And dolls, toys and teddies,
But without her Ma and Pa…

© Sana Rose – June 20th, 2012


Yesterday, I was constantly disturbed by the news story I read in the papers, about the arrest of a French consulate official for raping his 3 and a half years old daughter. His wife is a Keralite and they have been in Bangalore, India, with their three kids since one year ago, for his assignment. And she filed a case against her abusive husband for repeatedly raping their daughter, when she found out about it, when the little girl began protesting in her own way and always pleaded not to hurt her.

I wrote this poem from the little girl’s POV, but a 3-year old’s words won’t be this grown. So, I chose to write what all Daddy might have said and made her believe. This is fictitious with a different end, the news incident was only a push to write another of my all-time mission of writing about the crimes against and suffering of girls and women.

Thursday Cry

Cry for failure
Cry for pain
Cry for heartache
Cry for unattained love

Pouring tears
Cry my soul
Flowing tears

Cry for regrets
Cry for unseen truth
Cry for rejection
Cry of defeat

Fill the bucket with tears
Fill it with sorrow
My heart of sorrow

Cry alone on my bed
Pouring tears on my pillow
No comfort of love
Just a cry on a Thursday