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Ode to a Pandemic (by Dr.Phillip Earnshaw)

Ode to a Pandemic

A year of loss and pain

Lockdown one, Lockdown two and three
PCR, Lateral Flow Test and PPE
Ventilators, Nightingale hospitals and those in ICU
Stay home, protect the NHS, save lives

Sputnik V – the Russian vaccine – first they shout – suspiciously
Sounds more like a spacecraft from our childhood to me
Oxford Astra Zeneca, Pfizer Biontech and many more
Moderna, Sinovax & Jannsen – so many now – what a bore

Tiers 1 to 4, Care bubbles combined with the rule of six
Different in other parts of the UK – confusing – we’re in a fix
Eat out to help out & let’s keep going
Act like you’ve got it. Keep the testing flowing

Work from home, furlough, shielding, Test & Trace
Joe Wicks, Zoom & home schooling now the place
Donald Trump, Vitamin D and Hydroxychloroquine
Buying stuff from the internet – has that delivery man been?

Digital Church, blogs, quizzes & Zoom coffee
Preaching to every continent – amazing – how can this be?
The second lockdown Easter – we’re almost free
Our Lord is risen – He did it all for me!

Dr Phillip Earnshaw
April 2021

A Modern Parable

How noble,wise and virtuous
they are who lead us,
ever onward, forward into that
better future which only they can see;
Though jostled together 
we press ever onward,
some right at the front –
the noble heroic archetypes –
some straggling behind,
but most of us,most of our kind
somewhere in the vast middle,
comforted and reassured
by all those around us,
making their way alongside us
with each step hope increasing,
even the hardness of the road we’re on
seems to have got softer,easier,
and thanks to our Leaders
for a while now
we feel as though we are walking on
the very air itself
as it whistles past our ears.
Here endeth the parable
of the Lemmings.

Another Tale From The Nursery

In the valley of the idiots where a half-wit was King, it was ordered that:-

the use of the letter “E” will be made illegal from to-day onwards,

an official spokesman said that

the letter “E” was identified as the main cause for the exponential growth of words in the language;

and has in the past been responsible for numerous mis-spellings and confusion surrounding its usage in words also containing the letter “i”.

The order takes into account the expert advice of independent literary academics and is seen as a necessary step toward making the language leaner and fitter for purpose;

Again following expert guidance, words of 6 or more letters will no longer be permitted in public discourse but there will be no additional restrictions on their use in conversations held in a single household or with neighbours.

Police have been granted special enforcement powers to issue a 10000 pounds fine on those caught flouting the new rules on word length and use of the “E”.