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The Ultimate Liberation

Circadian carnal sleep swept away in swirling circles

To a still pond of tantalizing tranquility so timeless,

Cranky Cicada tymbals of desirous resonating

Howls silencing to a salient sang froid of composed calmness,

Lustfully effervescent lecherous dreams

Drifted afar to iridescent miraculous mirages,

Bingeing materialistic hungriness perfectly plunging

Into the divine satiety from each breath of the sanctified holy air,

Prying, pranky, fluttering, curious eyes standing

Idolized with an unfathomable compassionate blankness,

Over pulsating, throbbing heartbeat orchestrated

To a regulated rhythmic chanting of hymns,

Cannibalistic, craving and raving mind aligning

And converging into the Universal light of Cosmic Darkness,

The long ago proven energy brimming ATP Krebs cycle too

Puzzled over the Occult and mystic Super energy abound,

An Intangible spiritual socket between the you and Superior Thee

Incessantly flowing the newly realized renewable cosmic currency;

The undisputed quest of “Who am I “seems conquered utterly

The singing soul in a realm of super existence, cloudless clutter free,

For all the “I” is tiny holy integral of the blissful summary “Thee”.