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He came with a message of goodwill

which we seem we want to gag,

God saw our deep predicament

we had no hope ahead,

He came to meet us in our need

that we our sins might shed,

“ a little child shall lead them ”

the prophet prophesied;

As he grew up to manhood

it was for our sins he died.

for the words of wisdom

and the love he showed,

they nailed him to that Cross;

it was for you for me for all

he suffered on that tree,

the babe who was Jesus;


set us free.

His Eyes On Me


He sees all,

He knows all,

He sees man kind cast the first stone,

He sees all, He knows all, Its said, “Judge not that ye Be not Judged,”

He sees all,

He knows all,

It’s said, “I am born of God and the evil one can not touche me”,I John 5:18

He is refuge,

He is revealer of all I thank God,

He save me, and spare me of Satan’s grasp,

He sees all, He knows all, and I praise his name,

He even knew what would happen before I,

He’s written a plan for this child,

And no weapon shall form against you He said.

by Feon Davis