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Cleanse Thee


Cleanse my soul and heart Lord,

Cleanse this earth of all evil, and of the anger hurt and shame,

Cleanse me Lord of this body,

 Yet Lord you know my plight,

Take control where I do not Lord,

Cleanse my past, and renew me in your plan,

I am humble, yet know you have control,

As you lived the battle before us,

I am praying for you judgment of the injustice,

Cleanse this child’s life,

And renewed in her spirit will come,

 and be by your Holy name.

( by Feon Davis )

Palm Of His Hands

He has our hearts
and yes our souls’
We are his blessings
no matter when the anchor is thrown
I kneel to pray,
And his plan extends to my soul
Now I am reborn
I need not crawl anymore
There’s no doubt God always had me
in the Palm of his hands
If ever I call
His love will be deliverance in hand.

©2010-2011 Feon Davis