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Fallen Idols

I know them
I knew them
I think I can remember their names ,
didn’t they drive past me
in that motorcade that came
through my town one day ?

I can still remember standing there
with those crowds cheering ,
waving as they passed us by ,
I knew them
I saw them ,
their faces unchanged
smiling at me from old newspaper headlines.

I think I can remember
applauding all their anniversaries ,
I’m sure the crowds do too ,
even now as their TV image falters ,
I read in Deutoronomy ,
cut down their groves..destroy their altars.

Broken..( Rebooted 19 /5/2018 as Broken Memories )

The Chanteuse,
crooning dystopian
torchlit ennui,marinaded
in absinthed vocals,
in the salons
and bars of the,
fashionable Left Bank,
domicile to flaneurs
& their bohemian confreres;
wounding their hearts with
visceral monotonous langour,
amid pyres of smouldering
stygian-leafed frissons
of earthy odours,
redolent of arcane
manual labour,