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Humdrum of that Green Valley…!

green valley

Humdrum of that green valley
Retrieve sweet reminiscence
that withered in inherited silence.
The green of woods and blue of sky
Creeps on the bank of virgin lake
Where moon used to dance on its waves.
Rustling and whispering of breeze sprinkles
Fragrance of sandal wood on ether’s flakes
An embodiment of heaven reincarnated on earth
Where every season embroidered with peace
and scattered as fairy tales on flora and fauna

Alas, erstwhile freshness and lustre is abandoned
as elegance is lost in the swirls of dungeon of time.
The valley is preening to escape grave silence
While it’s effervescent soul is prancing for a miracle
to explore the bountiful and the beauty once lost.
Peaks of Himalaya tapping for a Midas-touch
for pristine promises seems to be hibernated
in the demised valley invading infinite questions.

Bridal stars shedding tears and falling as dew drops
On the lotus of Jhelum that flows mournfully
as if, stressed and swollen by the blood thirsty.
Ripples of loneliness reflects its own mirage
as curse in the antiqued nostalgia.
Still the dreams of green valley is evergreen
and is unknown of the language of demarcation
where trespassing LOC is celebrated with gunshots

Flags that flutter with blood stain shivers in pain
Tulips and daffodils never forgets to bloom
The valley still writing fantasy of peace in fragment ink
And the untired wait for apocalypse continues…

© Maaya Dev

N.B: This poem was first published at online journal Episteme, volume 3 issue 4 of Bharat College of Commerce, Badlapur, MMR, India.

** jehlam or Jhelum is a river that flows in india and Pakistan. It is the largest and most western of the five rivers of Punjab, and passes through Jhelum district .***