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Mystery of the Books

When we shut the books ,

do the chapters rearrange themselves ?

when we turn the pages ,

do the words appear differently to us from

the last time when we deigned to read them ?

As for those books still on the shelf ,

the ones we promised to get round to reading ,

what of them ?

What transcendent ,immaterial juxta-positioning

of typographical content do they undergo  ?

sturdy leather-bound volumes

tomes of immeasurable linguistic conceit ,

they’re never quite the same read twice ,

whilst once is never enough

to discover their latent deceit.


The Dead Shall Rise

words coffined,interred ,
entombed in myriad volumes ,
stacked and shelved ,
row upon row upon row ,
in vaulted library mausoleums ;
The unread tomes ,
published so very long ago ,
read at the time
appreciated and loved and
then were read no more ;
Forgotten,placed aside
as yesterday’s style ,
their grammar,their syntax ,
was wearied by age
made tawdry by changing fashion;
Referenced only in scholarly footnotes ,
made objects of aesthetes’collections ,
words long since confined to
a purgatory of obscurity ;
Dormant in their slumbers
waiting and waiting and waiting ,
for someone ,a reader
to rediscover their burial plot,
their buried plots ,
their stories as once told ;
Re-opening their covered tombs
disintering their shrouded narratives ,
and alone by the act of reading
the dead words arise
and meaning is re-born.