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Black Panic !


Lady ! Your pink vibrance with white radiance…
Wrapped in  never-ending drapes so sphere ,
Evoking me to get to the core of no-where…
Silken slips as I feel through ,
With layers of  light gripping your curves  prove-
Your succulence and smoothness with no hunch  ,
Now longing to have  a bite of  tender crunch;
Overjoyed altogether by the sensual senses,
You fill my eyes with drops that rinse and cleanse;
 Eventually  yielding to my bodily hungriness!

The  splendid showcase of the said spectacle ,

Offered only if I tear across your border trouble.
The borders  dull,brittle and dry, so ironic !
And hidden here is the  sandwiched  black panic….
As you were conditioned overlong in humidified  tragic;
The black sooty mould blows off my nose and mind ,
Before I could declare you a lovely pink edible rose, ever kind.