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A new chrysanthemum dawn beckons,
its flamingo-hued fingers
drawing back the veil of night;
today is little Aiko’s birthday
an auspicious day with
harmony and tranquility prevailing;
Aiko will show her
draughtsman accurate hieroglyphs
to the school’s Headmaster and
he will smile,applauding her endeavour;
Aiko accompanies her grandfather holding
his hand on their stroll to school,
looking up,far up in the heavens,
she says that she can see a silver
kite drifting slowly slowly across
across the azure canopy,her grandfather
squints and knows it cannot be a kite,
though from that “kite” a tiny
silver sliver appears to begin to
somersault endlessly earthward;
transfixed Aiko pulls impatiently at
his sleeve,and in that moment
he understands that all the rumours
were true and that this moment
would forever be separated from
all the other moments and all
the other times and all the
places would be separated from this
time and this place by this
silver kite that brings with it
an inauspicious augury;
Aiko will not be celebrating
her birthday to-day,
the day when time itself
has come to an end,
on this sixth day
of August