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Birth of New Year


Ma, long long ago, was there a God, named Sun,
When the vibrant prana calmly rested in Brahma?
The effulgent Self already swallowed the illusion,
Only silence reigned with empty space illumined.

Then silence disturbed, the dance of Siva began,
The vibrant prana roared Om, Om and Om,
The Self willed let me become many and many,
Thus the universes countless born endlessly.

Lord, the silent witness, willed with his mind,
And the prana vibrated with the three gunas,
The trinity were born, Brahma, Vishnu and Siva,
Creation began, its beginning incomprehensible.

Infinite worlds came into existence, so-called Sat,
One among them the Sun, the Moon and the Earth,
The system whose terms are year, month and day,
Clock speeds measured in hours, minutes and seconds.

Ma, Thou art unborn, infinite assuming The form
Sunya Kalpa Vibhuta, Desa Kala Paricchinna,
Bless us to celebrate every day in Thy presence,
With the knowledge of the Self, source of Existence.

–  Sridhar

Wishing you all a very happy new year 2015


Ma: Usually referred to mother in Indian Languages.

Here, it refers to the Holy Mother, Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi

Prana: The Universal Force

Guna: Attribute or Quality

Sat: Existence

Self: Also called Brahman or Atman


A Prayer to the Divine Mother

A Prayer to the Divine Mother

Ma(1), the dark clouds never failed
In enhancing the Beauty of  Infinite Sky.
Nor even the black spots scattered
Over the Full Moon on the Pournami(2) day.

Ma, but the clouds of my ignorance, mass of rust
Ever fail miserably me
In reaching Thy lovely holy blessed Lotus Feet
Throwing away from Thee.

Would Thou heal the wound, named ignorance?
Afflicting the mind, the turbulent and violent.
The habituated grains ingrained, named desires;
None ever dared to count these unnumbered!

Thou art the Ocean of Knowledge
Filled with endless waves of Unconditional Love
Clasping the little one in Thy Hands
Heal me from the disease of ignorance.

– Sridhar

1. ‘Ma’ means mother

2. Pournami: The full moon day referred in Sanskrit as well as in many Indian languages.

Life is …

Life is …

Life is a journey,
Towards the infinite turned inward
Life is a mystery,
Resolved forever, realizing the Divine.

Life is a song,
‘Tis sung in the infinite musical notes
Life is a blessing,
Surrendered at the Lotus Feet of the Divine.(1)

Life is a lesson,
Turned into wisdom by the righteous deeds
Life is an emerged wave,
Merged back into the immortal ocean of bliss. (2)

– by Sridhar

(1) A Divine Master like AMMA
(2) Dissolving one’s self in the Supreme Self through meditation, keerthana etc …  i.e., AMMA

The Wonder that is AMMA

In the shrilling cool dark night,
The orphaned baby loved to be covered by mere torn rugs.
With the dawn of warmth Sun’s light
Almost naked baby walked towards Thee covered in worn rags.

There was a healing aura around him.
Someone whispered the wonder word “AMMA” in his ear.
And said, Thou art a child of Divine
His joy knew no bounds to have his Divine Mother so near.

The life teaches a lesson, full of blows and errors
One may find at loss, drowned in the midst of sorrows.
Yet one must not forget, the helping Divine Hand,
That leads all lost souls, the wonder that is AMMA.