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Unending poverty is good for you

higher wages only make you cry ,

the poor have only themselves to blame

you can be a billionaire if you try ;

The starving need to go on a diet

the obese need to get even fatter ;

dwarves can be taller when they want to be

widespread famine doesn’t matter ;

Illiteracy makes for good education

homelessness is good for the many ;

promises are only good when broken

honest judges are ten a penny .


Life drowns the living

hope chokes all of our dreams ,

mercy punishes justice

what we see is not all what it seems ;

Emptiness fills all the spaces

winter snow lights our fires ,

shortages make for abundance

all oaths are spoken by liars ;

Those who don’t cheat are disqualified

we donate our poverty to others

sad people are the happiest in the world

all men under the skin aren’t brothers.